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It’s Just Manny Being Manny

I just heard that Manny Ramirez will be suspended for 50 games for steroid use. By “just heard,” I mean that 2 people IM’d the link to me, and 2 other people called me to gloat about the fact that I have Manny on my fantasy baseball team.

It wasn’t long ago that I was telling a friend (before Jason Bay began single-handedly winning games) how happy I was that Jason Bay was the result of trading Manny. When the rumors originally hit that Manny was going, I was afraid that it would be a “we’ll pay you and get a heaping pile of zip for him” situation; instead, we got a very solid hitter who can run. Sure, Jason Bay has the interview persona of Bob Ross (“and we’ll paint a fluffy cloud”), but he’s a really good player.

So, Manny got bagged, and in going he sabotages two of my fantasy baseball teams. Those teams won’t win, but at least he’s not on the Sox any more. I mean, it’s not that I don’t think anyone on the Sox has taken them (hello, Mr. Zero Homers in April), but because it would stink to have our best hitter missing 50 games. Another feather in Theo’s cap – trade ‘em before they get caught!

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Sox Gripes

So, Paul Byrd is on the postseason roster…why, again?

I assumed that he was there in case a starter didn’t have it in one of the games. If that starter, say Josh Beckett, should happen to get mashed early and often, then Byrd could come in and save some innings for the rest of the bullpen. Apparently I was completely wrong.

The Francona Doctrine is apparently to leave his starting pitcher, say Josh Beckett, in the game until he has well and truly blown it…to the tune of 8 runs, while Byrd sits in the pen playing the spoons with the backup catchers. Byrd warmed up some later in the game, but Tito the Magnificent decided to bring Timlin in to get squeezed by the homeplate umpire (good for Farrell for complaining, but it was interesting to complain when the Sox had more than 3x as many walks as the Rays…they’re a free-swinging club. I thought that the ump in general was pretty consistent; well, until he got tired).

That all being said, I am still a Francona fan. He has ALWAYS left his starters in too long when they just don’t have it, and has managed to overcome it by having starters who usually have it. I just have to keep telling myself: two rings, two rings, two rings, two rings. Not bad when I thought I would live to see zero rings.

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Like the NCAA hoops tourney: Survive and advance.

I thought the Sox were sunk when the Angels tied the game.

I REALLY thought the Sox were sunk when Francona left Masterson out there to start the 9th (and he promptly gave up a double).

But, then the Sox were saved when Scioscia overmanaged…how many times does he think the squeeze is going to burn the Sox? I mean, come on! Ok, the Sox got lucky. Plus, how does Willits allow himself to be caught by Varitek like that and then blow the game in the bottom of the 9th by diving for Bay’s hit? There was no reason not to keep the ball in front of him.

Did anyone else think that Shields’ pitches were maybe a little moist? Although, he doesn’t seem to have time to put anything on the ball between pitches. Also, I wonder how many times he went two innings during the season…just looked it up: one time, on September 6th.

Mark Teixeira terrified me for the entire series. Great with the glove, and just a cold, icy look about him. I hope he goes back to the NL next year.

Once again, Jason Bay underwhelmed with his postgame comments, “Uh, yeah, it’s cool. Yep.” Maybe he’s just shy?

The camera doesn’t show it, but does Pedroia dive for fly balls to left field?

Anyway, I predicted a loss because the Angels pounded the Sox all year long and have a great bullpen. It feels good to be wrong. Jon Lester for President.

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