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Weight Loss Update

Not an official weigh-in, but yesterday morning I ran 5 miles for the first time and weighed in at 256 lbs. I still have some time to go until the 8th, and my stretch goal for that is 250 lbs. We’ll see if I can get that done.

Still on a column break, although I just finished up my summer class, so I’ll be back soon.

Cheers, and enjoy the sunshine where you find it.

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Why Me Weight Loss Update

Ok, so I weighed in this morning at 265. That is 0 lbs. lost since my last weigh in (three weeks ago). However, this is not as bad as it sounds. This month was not a good one, weight-wise for me. After weighing in at 265 three weeks ago, my diet fell out of control and I saw my weight balloon up to 275. I have just now worked it back down to 265.

Also, in the past few days I have been able to run 4 miles at a time for the first time in about 8 years. So, I had a level month, but I didn’t gain, and I expect good things in the coming month because my motivation level is very high. The Megger took a picture of me this morning, so as soon as she emails it to me, I will post it.

tim-2809.jpg February 313 lbs.tim-6809.jpg June 265 lbs.

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A Little Break

So, due to my summer class – and the fact that I have not had a month off from the column in the entire time I’ve been writing it – I have decided to take the month of June off from writing columns.

I might still write stuff here if the mood strikes me, and I will keep up the weight loss updates, but no newspaper-type columns until July.

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