There is a little donut shop that used to be a bank, and before that a different bank, and before that yet another bank. I was in that little shop, enjoying a cup of coffee, when Rick O’Shea pushed his way through the door. His eyes scanned the shop until he found me in the corner. He ran up to me and gushed, “I just scored us some tickets to see U2 at the Boston Garden in October.”

Rick, by then I’m pretty sure that the building is called the FleetCenter and by October it will be called the TD Banknorth Garden.

“Oh, there is another one of those organizations renaming everything? This is totally ridiculous. Why couldn’t they have just left the name as the Boston Garden? Nobody knows what the heck anything is called any more.”

Well, I think that they paid quite a bit of money for the naming rights for that building and Fleet Bank is now Bank of America. Plus, the new building was never called the Boston Garden.

“It doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Look at the stadium in Miami: First it was supposed to be called Dolphin Stadium. Then, before it opened, they decided to honor the owner of the Dolphins and name it Joe Robbie Stadium. Then Joe Robbie sold the stadium and the Dolphins to the Blockbuster guy.

“The Blockbuster guy decided that Joe Robbie has been honored enough and named the place Pro Player Stadium because the Pro Player people threw some cash at him. Then the Pro Player cash went dry and now the place is called Dolphins Stadium.”

It does get pretty confusing when I try to figure out where a game is being played. If a game is in San Diego, are they playing in San Diego Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, or Petco Park?

“It happens around here, too. Schaeffer Stadium was Sullivan Stadium until they were tired of honoring Billy Sullivan and named it Foxboro Stadium. Then they built a new stadium and were going to call it CGMi Field until CGMi ran into troubles, so they named it Gillette Stadium. Now Proctor and Gamble owns Gillette, so they’ll probably call it something like Pert Plus Shampoo plus Conditioner Stadium soon.”

I doubt that. They’ll probably keep the Gillette name. After all, people call it “The Razor”, which is pretty cool.

“As soon as there is money in it, that name will change. Even the government is getting involved. The military has been trying to buy the naming rights to RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. The rumors are that the deal is for something like $6 million and the place is to be called ‘Armed Forces Field at RFK Stadium’. What about RFK? Why would they change something that was originally dedicated to honor him?

“When they originally dedicated the stadium, do you think they intended for the stadium to be called RFK just until something better came along?”

Ted Kennedy said that it would be okay.

“Why is it up to Ted Kennedy? The field was named to honor his brother and now, in the name of a buck, they are going to change it. What if Chucky Cheese was to outbid the Armed Forces? Would they call it Chucky Cheese Field at RFK Stadium?”

I would hope that they would try to keep the name as something respectful.

“Wait until some Senator has a pet project and not have enough tax dollars to fund it. That’s when the Washington Monument will become the Pfizer Monument and Bob Dole will cut the ribbon. After all, who cares who the monument was dedicated to originally? George Washington is so 18th century.”

Can we bring this discussion back down to earth?

“I might be exaggerating to make my point, but you see it all the time. Everything has to be new because no one remembers the past. A street will get renamed because no one remembers the old guy it was named for originally.”

I had no idea that you would get so fired up about the TD Banknorth Garden.

“To me it will always be the Boston Garden. Do you want to see U2 there or not?”