I’m sitting in a long line of cars, waiting for the light to change so that I can continue straight onto Route 2. The lane to my right allows only right-hand turns. Every day, at least one car motors up the right lane and attempts to merge into my lane to go straight.

The driver of the other car tries to make eye contact with me so that I will let him cut the line. Sorry, pal. I NEVER allow these “I’m too important to wait in traffic” people to merge, even if it means a dent in the old Mazda quarter panel. I realize that I whine about this pretty regularly, but the coming of spring seems to have sprung these people from the soil like so many tulips. If was up to me they would rot in that lane until they give up, take the required right turn and start over, but some softie always lets them into the line.

Here are some other things I’ve been thinking about while shaking my tiny fists of rage at inconsiderate drivers:

…My friend Scott was a contestant on an ESPN sports trivia show called “Stump the Schwab” this past week. He told me that the show would air on Tuesday at 7:30pm, and I promised to record the show on my DVR. I mean, how often are your friends featured on television programs? Of course, I totally forgot about the whole thing until 7:45pm on Tuesday, when I had already gone out for the night. Whoops…

…”Stump the Schwab” is not the only show I’ve missed lately. I keep hearing great things about shows like “The Shield”, “House, MD”, “Lost”, “Deadwood”, “Carnivale”, “CSI”, and “24”, but I haven’t managed to see or even record any of them. I can’t figure out if it’s because I have a full and rich life beyond the world of television, or because I’m just so incredibly lazy that I can’t be bothered to program my DVR…

…As part of my full and rich life beyond television, I recently went to see the movie “The Upside of Anger” with my wife. It was a pretty decent movie, but to call it a “chick flick” would be putting things mildly. There was only one other man in the theater and the air in there was thick with estrogen.

There is one scene in the movie in which all of the women on screen start laughing for no reason whatsoever, and Kevin Costner’s character is baffled. During that scene, all of the women in the theater laughed right along with the women on screen. To be honest, it was a little frightening…

…After my experience in the movie theater, it felt good to sit down with a beer and watch both the Red Sox game and the Celtics playoff game on Monday night. I was switching back and forth between the games when I noticed a key difference in the telecasts. While the Red Sox game on NESN was displayed in crystal clarity on my television screen (with no HD-type technology), the Celtics broadcast on FSN looked as if it was being shot through a sheet of wax paper.

The entire screen was fuzzy and looked out of focus, and I could barely tell which players were which. I might not have noticed it so much if the pictures of the Red Sox game weren’t so sharp.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the broadcast. Maybe the Celtics hired Cybill Shepherd’s agent and demanded that the games be broadcast in with the same fuzzy lens they used for her close up shots on “Moonlighting”.

I was so fired up about the whole situation that I left a message about it on the WEEI Whiner Line (where people leave recorded message that are sometimes played back during the Big Show radio program), but they didn’t play my message. So much for my rich and full life away from television.